Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by! What a crazy and unsettling time this is at the moment. Currently we are working remotely and adjusting our schedules and routines to the new norm around this COVID-19 pandemic. I know for me personally these past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster filled with a mix of anxiety and fear as well as gratitude to be able to wake up every morning knowing I get to spend the day with with my girls and for my loyal design clients. We are looking forward to moving past this period and picking up right where we left off, gearing up for new projects and wrapping up ones that are underway.

In the meantime, we are shifting our design services to help you during this time by offering VIRTUAL Interior Design Consultations. Are you stuck deciding on tile A or tile B? Do you want to order new window treatments or an area rug and am not sure what type or size to purchase? Want to finally hang those family pictures but am not sure on where and how to go about it? This is an opportunity for you to "pick a designers brain" and have a designer remotely help solve your design dilemmas. These are 60 min. virtual calls where you can ask us anything. A portion of our design fee will be donated to a local charity to help those affected by COVID-19. If interested, please reach out to us by email at so we can schedule this opportunity for you.

Stay safe!