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Builders & Contractors


We give your clients a clear design vision
so you can do what you do best.

You know how crucial the details are when building functional, beautiful spaces for your clients. There are so many decisions along the way, each impacting the result. Imagine having a partner who could simplify the process, help with selections, and serve as the go-between for you and your client regarding design choices.


We ensure your client’s vision is made a reality—all while saving you from headaches and holdups. Because we speak your language and theirs, we become translators, keeping everyone on the same page. How should the tile be installed? What kind of transition will we be using? How can we best utilize the space they currently have and make it all work? We'll drill down into every detail. Thanks to years of experience, we have seen it all. Your client will get the support to make confident decisions that lead to a stunning result.

How J. Salmon Design Inc. Supports Builders & Contractors


Collaborating with a designer from the start of your new build, remodel, or renovation project saves you and your client time and money. Whenever possible, we prefer to begin our working relationship as the floorplans are being drawn up to avoid unnecessary revisions later in the process. 



Most builders and contractors hire us for a set number of hours to work directly with their clients where they need us most. Because we understand the technical elements of your build, the aesthetic considerations, and the client's lifestyle needs, we can serve as the liaison between you, the client, and vendors, maintaining one unified vision.


Instead of waiting for your client to choose from thousands of tile options, we can narrow down their choice to a few that perfectly fit the overall aesthetic. Or, we can meet your client at the plumbing showroom to make sure their selections work for the plan. We’ll ask all the right questions, get accurate pricing, and keep your project moving ahead efficiently.

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