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At J.Salmon Design Inc., we improve our clients'
lives through residential interior design.

Let’s create your dream home.

Whether you are building a home, moving into a new home, or reimagining your existing space, there is a lot to consider. Maybe you started off thinking you could do it yourself, but the hundreds of decisions were just too much. Or perhaps you are stuck trying to solve a specific challenge in your space creatively. You have realized that an expert can help you save time, protect your investment, and leave you with a space that feels timeless, comfortable, and functional. J. Salmon Design Inc. offers full-service residential interior design to clients across Central Massachusetts. Your lifestyle, tastes, and goals guide our process. We listen deeply to how you plan to use your space to offer solutions that are as useful as they are beautiful. Every recommendation we share is backed by decades of experience and years of education and training. With support in selecting each finish, fixture, and furnishing, we try to make the process stress-free with minimal impact on your day-to-day. Get ready to find out how transformative a beautiful, purpose-driven space can be.


Julie Salmon, MAID


“As far back as my childhood, I knew I loved design. When I was as young as eight, I remember getting lost in real estate magazines daydreaming about what it must be like to move from room to room.  I asked for my own drafting tools and drew imaginary floorplans. I even recall rearranging my friends’ bedroom furniture during a playdate. By age eleven, my family had a new home built, and I lived through the process. It was so exciting that, even decades later, I can’t help but get giddy when I smell sawdust. If they only made a candle!


After earning my undergraduate degree from Northeastern University, I went on to get my Master of Arts in Interior Design from The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University. When I wasn’t in class, I worked at a high-end furniture store, learning the ordering process and the markers of expert craftsmanship. Over my decades as an interior designer, I have trained in green, universal, and ADA-compliant design practices so I can offer solutions that support sustainability, accessibility, and aging in place.


No matter the project, I find that there is an emotional response to a well-designed room. An excitement. An energy. A sense of balance and peace. I love helping my clients move through a strategic process that turns their many ideas into one cohesive design that functions as beautifully as it looks. Watching people walk through the real-life version of the dream we thought up together never gets old."

- Julie

Interior Designer

Our interior design process is deeply rooted in...


We understand the needs of homeowners, builders, and vendors.  We value our relationships both with our clients and talented collaborators and see it as our job to keep the client’s vision central to all decision-making.


Every design recommendation we make is supported by formal education and decades of experience. Our training helps us ask the right questions and offer smart solutions.  We understand what makes a product worth its price and will help you maximize your investment.



We understand you’re busy, so we communicate clearly, prepare ahead to make selections easy, and deliver above-and-beyond results.  We expect the same from our trades and only connect our clients with those we trust.



Spatial problem solving is our specialty. We see floorplans in 3D, immediately spotting untapped potential and possible pitfalls to make a plan that accounts for every detail.

"I loved Julie's vision! Her eye for color and ability to create something both aesthetically lovely and also functional blew me away. Julie knows quality and value and was extremely versatile and flexible. I couldn't be more happier with the results!"

- Cindy, Shrewsbury

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